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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines - I absolutely loved this book. I read Looking for Alaska before this, which was also a pretty great book, but the atmosphere was completely different. Looking for Alaska was rather a sad book, very heavy. The characters all carried around these things that happened in their past, and had all been hurt in some kind of way. An Abundance of Katherines was very different in that way. The characters had also been hurt (like Lindsey and Colin when they were kids) but it didn’t have such a big influence on the story as in Looking for Alaska. This story was funny and in my opinion easier to read, because it wasn’t as heavy. It made me laugh out loud several times, which doesn’t happen really fast when I’m reading a book. It was also very easy to associate with the characters. Sometimes it was like they said the exact things I sometimes thought about. This is probably the best book I’ve read this year.