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Fever (Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Fever - Lauren DeStefano The book started of really good. The thing about sequels is that it always takes a while for me to get back into the story and the characters, but not with this one. What I liked about Whiter is that the pace was very fast. From the first sentence I was immediately thrown into the story, which I loved because I just had to keep reading. Fever was no difference from that, the story started were the previous one ended. But after a while the pace of the story slowed down a bit in my opinion. There is a pattern in the book that just keeps repeating itself. Rhine and Gabriel manage to escape the horrible situation they’re in, but tumble right in too another (sometimes even more horrible) situation. When you think they’ll never escape, they do and for a moment you are relieved, but it just keeps getting worse. I didn’t really feel like this book gave a lot of answers, just more questions, which I thought was very frustrating. Another thing that comes back a lot in the story, is the illness both Gabriel and Rhine experience and I found this quite depressing. I liked the characters less than in Wither, because they seemed much weaker. I liked the writing style, but I hope Sever gives more answers, I didn’t really feel like this book had a plot.