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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants! (Confessions of Georgia Nicolsn)

"Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants!"  - Louise Rennison Equally to the previous books, this book is simply hilarious. Georgia Nicolson is the weirdest person you will ever come to meet in a book. I liked the writing style, it had a fast pace and was very easy to read, definitely not boring. I consider this just an enjoyable read and not a great work of fiction or anything, which is fine because I don’t think it’s really meant to be touching, just very funny. This is a series of books I like the read when I want to read something light, easy and funny, nothing to heavy. Sometimes I found Georgia a bit annoying, but I don’t think she is supposed to be a character you can relate to and has all these amazing qualities. Often, she seems quite mean and selfish, which is the part I thought was so annoying, but it also made her funny and you shouldn’t take her too seriously. Overall I thought it was a funny and enjoyable book, but it’s very similar to the previous ones and if you would read them all immediately after each other, I think they would get a bit boring.