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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky I’ve been wanting to read this book for a very long time, and when I finally did, I finished it in about 4 days (what doesn’t happen very often lately when I read books). I don’t really know why it went so fast this time, but I think it was because I could really relate to the characters, especially Charlie. I just needed to know that he would be okay at the end. I could also really relate to the things he would say and his way of thinking, and I think all introvert people are able to relate to him. It was a sad book, but at the same time it wasn’t. I think Stephen Chbosky really did a good job in compensating the bad things with the good ones. Overall Charlie was quite sad I think and he had been through bad things, but there were moments when he seemed to be incredibly happy (I guess there’s no need to refer to the “I felt infinite”-part). I also really loved the writing style. It wasn’t too difficult, and I think it’s very nice to read when you are a teenager (like me) but at the same time it isn’t superficial or anything, it really gets to you. In some books, were the writing style is pleasant for teenagers, the characters are usually a bit superficial I think. They don’t really have something that makes them special, and those books are mostly focused on the story itself. This book wasn’t like that. The characters and their development are very important, and they are all special in a different way. They have their good and bad sides, and you really get to know them. From the moment I started reading I knew this was going to be my new favorite book, and I was very right about that.