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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Finding Violet Park

Finding Violet Park - Jenny Valentine I started reading this book with very high expectations. Not only is Jenny Valentine one of my all-time favourite writers, but this is also her first book and it got a lot of good reviews. I must say I was a little bit disappointed after I finished reading. The book wasn’t bad, it was very good actually, but it just wasn’t what I expected.There were a lot of things about this book I liked. I liked Jenny Valentine’s writing style, this is one of my favourite things about her books, although I thought it wasn’t such an important aspect of the book as in her other books. Maybe this is because this was her first book. I loved the character development, it was very well told and I just liked reading how Lucas changed throughout the story. I liked the relationships between the characters, because they were all so different and unique. I also thought the story and the plot was very good, I just liked the whole concept of the book.The only problem was the amount of pages I think. My copy counts 189 pages and I just didn’t feel like it was enough to relate to the characters and the story. I didn’t really feel like I could make a connection or something to them and I thought this was very sad, because apart from this I really liked the book. If it would have been longer, I would have definitely loved it. I think this book and the concept and plot had more potential than what it eventually became. Maybe I’ll read it again, more careful this time, so that I get the chance to “bound” with the characters.