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Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) - I give it 4 stars for the story, which I really liked. I was afraid that it was going to be just another YA paranormal romance story, but the story turned out really good. It did have some of the kind of superficial things that most paranormal romance books have and that bother me a bit. Of course the girl, Lena, was amazingly beautiful and the guy, Ethan, was amazing at sports, basketball in this case. But overall they weren’t very cliché. I liked the fact that at first, it seemed like they were, but after a while you start noticing they’re not. For example the fact that Ethan loves to read. For Lena I think I don’t need to give an example because her entire personality was just so special and original. I thought the whole paranormal part was very original too. The writers created a whole new world, instead of reusing ideas from other books. It makes you very curious about what the world the characters live in is like. There’s just so much you don’t know as a reader, which makes it able for the book to give a lot of answers, but at the same time give a lot of questions so the story doesn’t get boring.I wasn’t such a great fan of the writing style. It wasn’t bad or anything but it was just very normal (I can’t really say a lot about this though because I read the Dutch translation, instead of the original version). But I also think that books from this genre usually get their greatness from the story, and not from the writing style.The ending was amazing and horrible at the same time. The entire story I was waiting for the moment Lena would turn 16 and suddenly we have to wait until she turns 17. This was extremely frustrating, but also a great motivation to read the next book.