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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

One Day. David Nicholls

One Day - David Nicholls Why? Just why? I guess this describes my feelings after finishing this book. I was thinking about giving it 3 stars instead of 4, because of the ending, but I must admit I liked the rest of the book enough to give it 4 stars. But just, that ENDING. Why? Why would he do that? Why write an ending like that? Seriously, and even if someone had the die, why her? I think everyone who’s read the book will agree with me that Dexter is emotionally not as strong as Emma. I mean with the drinking and everything. He’s always been a bit lost. I liked the fact that he got over that, in the end it seemed he was a stronger person than I thought all along. But still, it wasn’t necessary at all to write an ending like that. Finally, after all these years, they were both happy and then THIS THING happens. I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad because of a book. I seriously wanted to throw my copy through the room. But overall I liked the book. I really liked the concept. You never get bored because there’s just so much that happens, not only during the chapters but also in between. I liked the characters too. Not because they are extremely likeable, they’re not, but because you get to see their good and their bad sides. You get to see them struggle, fight, give up, screw things up and also be happy. They were so real.I thought it was quite a sad book, because at first they have all these hopes for the future and expectations and after all, nothing turns out the way it should. It made me think about how everyone wants to change the world, but no one really does in the end. Like Emma said, you can’t change the entire world, just the bit around you, which is a nice thought and it makes the whole thing a bit less sad.But still, the ending ruined it for me. I feel like they both deserved a happier ending. I know that maybe would’ve been predictable and cliché and everything, but still I think that after all they’ve been through they both deserved to be happy.